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Baby room bunny

Baby Room is excited to announce that we have our very own nursery Bedtime Bunny ready for adventures at your house

He is taking his first visit right now

Bedtime Bunny will be on rotation throughout the year to ensure every child has the opportunity for this experience. A staff member will give you notice beforehand! Bedtime Bunny will be bringing your child’s favourite story book with them to read at home at bedtime.

At Little Leaps we recognise the developmental benefits of teddies such as language development and are great for social emotional development. Research has showed that transitional objects such as teddies help young children learn important sensory and emotional skills. A teddy can be a great support in helping reduce separation anxiety while acting as a special friend to keep them feeling safe and secure. We recognise they provide comfort, companionship, and a friend to talk too

We are really encouraging photos of Bedtime Bunny’s time to be uploaded on tapestry. If you would like you can also add a write a few notes about Bedtime Bunny so we can then use these photos as a discussion point at welcome time which is great for listening skills and communication and language for the children at Little Leaps

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