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Autumn exploration

Over the last couple of days the pre-school children have showed an interest in exploring our Autumn natural items One child said “pumpkin” and "pinecone" whilst pointing at the conkers and named other key words during this time. We found that many children returned to our curiosity cube multiple times (where the natural found items are kept). Children were keen to ask an adult multiple questions during this time. We enjoyed exploring the different sized conkers and counted how many had been collected. One child recognised that 43 was a big number and attempted to count as far as he could alongside an adult and the group. We explored the textures and how the items felt and smelt too. The children were gentle whilst touching the conker (whilst it was inside the shell) Lovely exploration everyone!

If you find any autumn natural items then please feel free to bring them into nursery. The children love to explore these items. Thank you

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